Elementary Community

MJM’s Elementary program is dramatically different than traditional systems of elementary education.  Each child learns at his/her own pace under the careful guidance of a trained Montessori teacher who consistently tracks progress and helps them build on their own personal best in each subject.  The child is encouraged to expand their own current understanding and skills rather than to compete/compare against others to determine their level of success.  This enables many children to far exceed traditional state standards and produces an atmosphere of cooperation, peace, confidence and personal excellence. We serve children in the groupings of 6-9 years old (or 1st-3rd grades) and 9-12 years old (or 3rd-6th grades).

Mentoring other students, and being mentored by them, is also key to the success of our elementary classroom.  The Montessori Method of education flows naturally with child development; at the elementary age a child is very inspired to learn and explore with friends.  Within certain guidelines that keep this mentoring process happening peacefuly,  the children are allowed to work in small groups and help one another according to their own personal skills and strengths. They are encouraged to ask for help from other students. This perceived empowerment of their peers and of themselves creates a lasting confidence and a certainty of competence that would be impossible for an adult to impart. Of all the gifts of Montessori, this self-trust and proactive empowerment may be one of the greatest, as it is life-long when it is established in a child of this age.

Other important aspects of MJM’s Montessori elementary classroom include freedom of choice, the freedom to move around the classroom as opposed to being confined to a desk, peaceful problem-solving, social skills, a sense of belonging in a community, responsibility and a life long love of learning.  Please contact the school now for more information!