Montessori Three Year Age Grouping

Montessori’s Visionary Pedagogy

Maria Montessori based her philosophy and method on a deep understanding of and respect for children. According to Montessori, children are living in a process of self-realization and discovery. The central feature of the Montessori Method, which energizes all the others, is the 3-year multiage classroom structure, based on general cycles of child development. In a Montessori classroom, children get the opportunity to be the youngest, the middle child and the eldest. The 3-year grouping adds stability to a classroom by preserving the memory of classroom traditions and rituals among the two-thirds of the students who return for their 2nd or 3rdyear. This multiage structure helps orient children’s minds toward an appreciation of diversity.

The 3-year age grouping makes possible three important components which guide our daily work within the Montessori setting: Choice, Personal Connection, Collaborative Learning.


  • guided discovery
  • teacher as observer
  • experiential learning
  • integration of subjects
  • differentiated follow-up work
  • individual and group lessons

Personal Connection

  • learning through the senses
  • impressionistic lessons
  • imaginative learning
  • parent involvement
  • freedom of movement
  • trust and familiarity

Collaborative Learning

  • peer teaching
  • peer to peer mentoring
  • multi-age lessons
  • companionship
  • give and take
  • communication and cooperation

Mt. Juliet Montessori looks forward to a continued relationship with each of its students and families, celebrating the uniqueness of all. We hope you will allow your child to experience the 3 year cycle!