Informational Links

The American Montessori Society

  • Accrediting organization for high-quality Montessori schools

The Montessori Foundation

  • Parent and school resource center for Montessori information

North American Montessori Teacher’s Association (NAMTA)

  • NAMTA offers Montessori DVDs, books, conferences and classified ads for Montessori teachers, administrators, schools and parents.

The International Montessori Index

  • Presents information on philosophy, practice, teacher certification, costs, and other facts necessary for making a good decision about placing a child in a school, or choosing a teacher education course. There are over 13,000 “Montessori” web sites on the Internet at the time of this writing, and The International Montessori Index is considered by many the most informative, and is the one most visited, in the USA, and internationally.

Michael Olaf

  • An introduction to Montessori philosophy in all its aspects

Montessori For Everyone

  • A blog that has lots of information about what Montessori is and how it works